What is Teflon cable?

Teflon cable is a type of wiring material that consists of copper conductor and Teflon insulation. Teflon cable uses a synthetic fluoropolymer that boasts exceptional thermal and electrical insulation properties. It is renowned for its non-stick properties, high resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture, making it a versatile and highly sought-after material for interconnection.

What is the feature of Teflon cable?

1. Unrivalled insulation properties

Teflon cable provides excellent dielectric strength and insulation resistance, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding environments. Its exceptional resistance to heat, up to temperatures exceeding 200°C, allows it to withstand extreme conditions without compromising its insulation capabilities.

2. Chemical resistance

Teflon cable is highly resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for applications where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern. From industrial settings to automotive applications, Teflon cable can reliably withstand the harshest environments, ensuring uninterrupted electrical connectivity.

3. Moisture resistance:

Moisture can be a significant threat to electrical systems, causing short circuits and potential hazards. Teflon cable’s moisture resistance prevents the ingress of water, ensuring the longevity and reliability of electrical connections, especially in outdoor or high-humidity environments.

4. Flexibility

Teflon cable is highly flexible, allowing for easy installation and maneuverability even in tight spaces. Its pliable nature ensures that the cable can be routed effortlessly without compromising performance or durability.

5. Wide temperature range

Teflon cable maintains its insulation properties across a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold to high heat. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for applications that require stable electrical connections in varying environments.

Manufacturer Profile

WCH Cable is one of the leading manufacturers of cables and wires in China since 1997. 

We make many cables and wires as below.

  • Hook-up wire
  • Control cable
  • Flat ribbon cable
  • Instrument cable
  • Communication cable
  • Curly cord (Polyurethane Spiral cable)

Our product features.

– We have got over 600 UL approval style numbers.
– Our product materials include PUR, TPE, TPV, Teflon FEP, FR-PE, XL-PE, mPPE, Rubber, Silicone Rubber, etc.

Available UL style Numbers as below.

UL1226, UL1227, UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, UL1371, UL1538, UL1577, UL1589, UL1591, UL1592, UL1716, UL1723, UL1886, UL1887, UL1900, UL1901, UL1914.

UL10045, UL10048, UL10050, UL10064, UL10072, UL10102, UL10156, UL10192, UL10248, UL10311, UL10345, UL10556.

UL20308, UL20368, UL20369, UL20604, UL20710.

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